MIZAN ENGINEERING is a certified engineering firm based in Ankara/Turkey, providing engineering design solutions since 1994. Besides our four core focus areas in Turkey, which include construction services, buildings and places, civil infrastructure and resources and industry, we are also able to deliver our services in manufacturing production sectors.


MIZAN ENGINEERING, Ltd., a Civil Engineering Consultancy Company registered in Turkey, provides consultancy services, including surveying, field investigation and laboratory testing, in almost all major fields of Civil Engineering.


MIZAN was established in 1994, with the aim of contributing in the modernization of Turkey by providing various engineering services. In the era of rapid growth in Turkey, MIZAN has provided engineering services on several major projects (Several Municipalities, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Housing Development Administration of Turkey –TOKI, Multiple University Buildings, Several Private and Governmental Buildings). The extent and quality of services provided by the company have helped accumulated technical skill and professional reputation. Consequently, MIZAN has grown to become a leading member in the field of engineering consultancy services in Turkey and is well placed to extend its services on overseas projects as well.


MIZAN is staffed with a team of professional engineers and technologists capable of providing solutions to a variety of engineering problems. The broad-based technical capacity is designed to meet the extensive demands of civil engineering projects.


MIZAN uses licenced AutoCAD™, AutoCAD Civil 3D™ and Revit™,  SAP 2000™, STA4CAD™ and several engineering,  software for the vast majority of design projects.


Our design team embraces the application of enginnering concepts and MIZAN is a certified engineering firm  by the Ankara Chamber of Commerce.